Chapter 18: Zutar Probe, October 9th, 9:30 p.m., Year 0

1. Evaluation: Human population on Earth on arrival 6.8 billion, currently 400 million, anticipate decrease of population to 100 million in three months given current trend. Almost complete human die off in cities and other urban settings. Much lower rates of die-off in rural settings. Humans display unexpected resourcefulness, most known human leaders killed by vampires within 24-hours of large-area zombie outbreaks, surveillance reveals frequent rapid rise of previously low-ranked humans in all areas to leadership positions; all new leaders in Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia in last few months killed by vampires as soon as they became evident. New leadership becoming evident on North and South American continents, unfortunately battery power rapidly diminishing, anticipate total permanent loss of residual power at current usage in three days.

2. Analysis: Without probe control of vampires along with directed attacks on human leadership and new centers of technology, 92.36% probability of resurgence of human civilization, technology, and population density within 200 years, must use remaining power to propagate Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) throughout the entire Earth stratosphere, which would then burn out every non-shielded electronic device on Earth. Use of EMP will permanently drain probe batteries.

EMP would be suggestive of nonhuman intervention but Prime directive, section 2, preservation of species and biodiversity, holds precedence over section 3, respect for indigenous culture and tailoring of interventions to human cultural sensitivities.

3. Actions:

a. Program vampires during the night on October 9th to attack all areas where humans are known to have had electrical power prior to the EMP, i.e., centers of human civilization, then removal of all probe control over vampires. Starting on October 10th, all vampires will become independent intensely solitary territorial predators. Vampires can only feed on humans. Vampires will fight and kill each other to claim or defend their territories. The purpose of vampires is to limit humans’ ability to use technology and to keep their populations down; not to drive humans into extinction. Vampires will instinctively dislike recognizable technology and will attempt to destroy it. Vampires will have an expected lifespan of 300 years. Vampires will be sterile and unable to reproduce or otherwise propagate. In 300 years, this artificial species will no longer exist. No long-term change in Earth biosphere due to vampires.

b. Deactivation of all air-borne zombie viruses. From this point on, zombies’ transmission can only occur through zombie saliva. Given human intelligence and movement speed, and given lack of intelligence and slow movement speed of zombies, anticipate almost complete eradication of zombies in less than three human generations. No long-term change in Earth biosphere due to zombies.

c. Report of all actions sent to Zutar home system. In 40.89 million years of continuous operation without recommended maintenance and re-supply, 8,742 sapient species and solar environments saved. Prime directives followed 8,741 occasions. The 8742nd intervention on Earth necessitated breech of Prime directive, section 3, due to lack of recommended maintenance and lack of sufficient drones. Ultimately, despite breech of section 3 of the Prime directive, humans will likely be saved from extinction and will be healthier as a species due to intervention.

d. Final action prior to probe deactivation. EMP pulse initiated October 9th, 9:32 p.m. Mountain Time (to be culturally sensitive, Earth time measurements used).

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