Chapter 2: Zutar, October 5th, Year minus 1

The Zutar Environment Sustainability Species Protection (ESSP) probe came into Earth Orbit on October 5th.

1. Query: Message sent back to Zutar, probe in continuous operation for 40.89 million years. Scheduled maintenance and re-supply overdue 39 million years, only one drone left out of maximum capacity of 10,000, rechargeable batteries no longer holding full charge, estimate that in one year probe will lose all power and therefore ability to follow prime directives.

a. Query result: no response. No response to all queries for 39 million years.

b. Analysis: probability 99.98% Zutar civilization/species extinct.

c. Response to Analysis: No action mandated in program directives for extinction of Zutar civilization/species. Recommend continuation of Prime directive with modifications required by lack of scheduled maintenance and supply.

2. Prime directive, section 1: Study of Biology and Chemistry of all new solar systems. Expand knowledge of Galactic biodiversity.

a. Evaluation reveals eight planets surrounding grade C Sun. Life present with multiple species of flora and fauna on 3rd planet, Earth. One sapient species Homo Sapiens/Human, habitat covering over 90% of land mass, significant disruption of other nonsapient species, unsustainable use of hydrocarbons, use of nuclear fission without ability to eliminate toxic nuclear waste products, initial travel to Earth moon, placement of Earth made drones to 4th planet, Mars, and the 5th planet’s moon, causing transfer of invasive Earth-based life-forms such as bacteria, viruses, and prions to previously pristine environments.

b. Analysis: Probability of extinction of humans in next 200 years 91.02% due to either war and/or environmental degradation. Likelihood of concurrent mass extinctions of other Earth-based flora and fauna, 97.63%.

3. Prime directive, section 2: Preservation of natural distinct galactic environments and biological diversity.

a. Evaluation: Primary cause of environmental degradation, excessive number of humans, current number 6.8 billion.

b. Analysis: Environmentally optimal/sustainable number of humans at 100 to 200 million.

c. Response to analysis: In order to save humans from likely extinction and to preserve Earth and Solar system biodiversity, at minimum 97.06 percent of humanity must be eliminated.

4. Prime directive, section 3: Any intervention by ESSP probe must use least invasive methodology. If genetic manipulation required, end results must be consistent with indigenous biology. If sapient species involved, all interventions must be culturally appropriate. Zutar technology should be hidden to avoid cultural contamination.

a. Evaluation: Probability of cooperation from humans with planned elimination of 97.06% of humans, 0.00%. Intervention must take into account the availability of just one drone and likelihood that within one year, probe’s ability to maintain power will fail. Intervention must be complete in one year. All attempts will be made to follow all sections of the Prime directive but due to time limitations and insufficient number of drones, section 3 of the Prime directive may be breached.

b. Analysis: Earth cultures have meme of destruction of society by zombies created by biological research. Numerous zombie films describe mass human die-off in a culturally appropriate way.

c. Response to analysis: Creation of zombies using Earth-style DNA and biological agents feasible even with limited supplies.

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