Chapter 5: Zutar Probe, January 6th, Year 0

1. Prime Directive, section 3: Cultural contamination must be minimized.

a. Evaluation: Most technologically advanced Earth culture on North American continent. Greatest amount of genetic and biological research on humans occurring in least technologically advanced continent, Africa. Technologically advanced Earth cultures use less advanced humans as test subjects. Worldwide media release regarding first human trials of AIDS vaccine in Kenya, only one drone available to release biological agents on Earth, risk/benefit of infecting most technologically advanced culture first versus starting infection in the most culturally appropriate fashion requires analysis.

b. Analysis: If zombie outbreaks start at the same time as AIDS virus testing, it is likely that Earth scientists will waste time evaluating the AIDS vaccine. A significant percentage of Earth population is worried that biological research will lead to catastrophe. There is minimal risk of North American culture being able to adversely affect probe-initiated biological outbreaks. Prime directive best followed by initiating zombie outbreaks in Kenya, slight-to-moderate decrease in efficiency in achieving sustainable Earth environment appropriate trade-off in order to cull the human population in a culturally sensitive fashion.

Analysis of AIDS vaccine reveals that it would have been ineffective. Intervention by probe will ultimately lead to complete eradication of AIDS and all other life-threatening communicable human diseases and genetic weaknesses. Due to probe intervention, humans will be saved from extinction, genetically improved, and healthier.

c. Response to Analysis: Due to decision to start outbreak in Africa, most technologically advanced Earth culture will likely have six to nine months to prepare for zombies outbreaks. Another culturally consistent biological agent, vampires, is needed to target Earth communications, power infrastructure, and leaders. Vampires will significantly decrease the likelihood of Earth cultures interfering with planned decrease in population.

d. Action: 3 biological agents released by drone in Kenya on January 6.

i. First agent: zombie virus transmitted by saliva. This agent could easily be detected and analyzed by Earth technology.

ii. Second agent: zombie virus spread by air. As drone enters high atmosphere, second agent will release. Earth winds due to Coriolis Effect of the Earth’s rotation will spread virus west to east, north of the equator, and east to west, south of the equator. Initially this virus will cause silent infection affecting approximately 40% of human population. Individuals who are prone to genetic diseases or who have chronic illnesses will be preferentially infected. Genetically healthy families with optimum lifestyles would be spared. Genetically impaired families with unhealthy lifestyles would be infected. It will benefit the the human species to cull the unhealthy and genetically weak.

This agent will be activated by an electromagnetic signal sent by the probe and will convert an asymptomatic human into a zombie within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how healthy the human is at the time of activation.

iii. Third virus would be spread by air in the same fashion as first. A much lower rate of infection would occur. The same electromagnetic signal that will initiate zombie infections would initiate vampire infections. Virus will eliminate the parts of the brain required to communicate verbally, in written form, or by gesture. Inability to communicate will prevent any form of culture from arising. It would be counterproductive to create another artificial sentient civilization. Many Earth animals are sensitive to electromagnetic signals; for example, migrating birds use the Earth’s electrical field to navigate. A vampire’s brain would allow the probe to control it by using an encoded electromagnetic signal. On creation, vampires would be programmed to sabotage Earth communication and power infrastructure. Vampires would be used to specifically target Earth leaders. A fortuitous side effect of the electromagnetic signals required to control vampires would be that radio communications on Earth will be adversely affected.

In order to respect Earth culture and stay faithful to the Prime directive, vampires would be designed to have an unnecessary sensitivity to light.

The second and third biological agents would be extremely difficult to detect with Earth-level technology.

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